BPOElks 2099

  Lebanon, NH.


Dear Members,
We wanted to send an update regarding the lodge. On Monday of this
past week we had a professional cleaning company come in and sanitize
the lodge following the CDC Covid requirements. We have decided that
with the growing number of Positive Covid tests in the Upper Valley at
this time, the lodge will remain closed until November 30th . Which at
that time our rules and regulations will be more strictly enforced.
All members,officers, bartenders and visitors MUST wear a mask at all
times except when seated at a table. All will need to also fill out
the Covid tracing forms before being served. It Must include your name
and a working phone number. Those who wish not to comply will be asked
to leave as to protect the safety of our members. Masks must be worn
when ever you are up from your table or gaming machine.
If any member is sick or showing signs of flu like symptoms should not
visit the lodge until they are well.
While this pandemic is all new to us, we are doing our best to take
every precaution to keep our members safe. Should you have any quest
or concerns please reach out to the lodge email address.